If you are looking for car drivers on hire in Mumbai then you have come to the right place.We are one of the largest driver service agency providing drivers for hire services to individuals, event companies & corporates in Mumbai for their drivers requirements on short and long term assignments.

You can book/hire a car driver on call or online for various requirement like drivers for a day , drivers for outstation trip from Mumbai to drive you in comfort of your on car.

We also provide driver service for special events like weddings and corporate functions which requires valet drivers who can driver all sorts of vehicle.




1-One of the oldest driver on hire service company in its space.

2-Largest data base,20000 plus registered car drivers on our platform for hire.

3-Verified car drivers.
4-Trained & groomed drivers for hire with our in house driver training program.

5-24X7 driver service so you can book a driver on line or on call irrespective of day & time.

6-50000 rides a year & growing.

7-Transparent driver charges no hidden cost.

8-Serving thousand of customers every month.


Car Drivers On Hire In Mumbai | Drivers in Mumbai.

If you own a car in Mumbai then probably you have full time personal driver to drive you around or may be you love to self drive but still, there will be times when you need car drivers on hire in Mumbai apart from your permanent driver for various reasons like,

Your permanent driver is on leave or you want to keep your travel confidential for what ever reason and you dnt want to take your regular car driver with you.

What is car drivers on hire services ?

As the name suggest this service is of hiring car drivers on demand as and when you require them to drive you around, the service is known by various names like drivers on hire in Mumbai, drivers on demand, drivers on rent in Mumbai, drivers on call in Mumbai however it all means the same, you book a driver and pay after the service ends and thats it.

What are the occasions when you may require car drivers on hire in Mumbai.


You may book a car driver in Mumbai to attend multiple meetings & would like to be productive working on your laptop or talking with clients and employees while you are driven in your car.


You want to go out for shopping in Mumbai or send out your family for shopping, but dnt have time to drive your self no problem, hire a driver who will pick your family at your desired location and drive your family safely to the desired shopping areas of the city and drop back home safely.

Driver on hire for Outstation trip

You planned an outstation trip with your family or friends? well then hire a driver for outstation trip and enjoy the journey with your loved ones. The drivers are well versed with driving day & night on highways out side Mumbai.

Partying out

Are you partying out this weekend with your friends and worried about driving? no worries book a car driver on hire and relax we are open 24X7 for you.

One way drop

If you need a one way drop to any destination within Mumbai or outside Mumbai then you can hire car drivers for one way drop, the driver will pick you and drop you at your desired location and he will return back vai public transport.

One way car drop

There might me situation when you want your car to be dropped at any other location in Mumbai for  servicing your car or may be to some other cities in India for any reason,you can book a car drivers on hire in Mumbai 24×7 for the same.

Valet services

If you are an event company or have an event in your family then you can utilize valet drivers these drivers are well verse with automatic and manual cars and will park your guest cars safely and bring it back when they are leaving the event.


This charge applicable between 07:00 AM to 06:00 PM

Full day: 

INR 700/- for 8 hours.


INR 75/- over time after 8 hours, per hour.


INR 75/- at 10:00 PM for food allowance.


INR 75/- at 11:00 PM for travelling allowance.


INR 100/- for early morning conveyance if the driver is reporting is before 7:00 AM.

Half day charges: 

INR 500/- For 4  hours.


INR 75/- over time after 5 hours.

This charge applicable between 06:00 PM to 06:00 AM

INR 650/- For 5 hours.


INR 75/- Over time after 5 hours, Per hour.


INR 100/- for late night conveyance if the driver reporting is between 01:00 AM to 06:00 AM 


Same day return:


INR 900/- for 12 hours + food (Rs.250).


INR 75/- per hour over time after 12 hours.


INR 200/- at 12:00 AM for late night conveyance.


Over night stay:


INR 900/- Per Day + Food (Rs.250) &accommodation(RS.250)


Drop anywhere in India, charges depend on drop destination.


We also provide valet services for events, wedding, parties etc.

Few of our customers for valet services


  • Reliance Industries Ltd.

  • Audi-ID Experience Pvt. Ltd.

  • Maison Deluxe Pvt. Ltd.

  • 7 Films Pvt. Ltd.

  • Blue Stripes Entertainment.

  • Adlabs Imagica.

  • Integral PR Service Pvt. Ltd.(VOLVO)

  • Australian Consulate.

  • HDFC Ergo General Insurance Company Ltd.

Day charges:


INR 1200/- for 8 hours.


INR 100/- per hour over time after 8 hours.


INR 200/- at 12:00 AM for food & travelling allowance.


INR 100/-for early morning conveyance if the driver is reporting before 07:00 AM.



Night charges:


INR 1200/- For 5 hours.


INR 100/-per hour over time after 5 hours.

Chauffeurs will be in white Coat, trouser & cap, with black shoes and clean shaved.

Experienced in driving all cars manual & automatic transmission.

A ‘personal driver ’ is a  driver who will report to you in Mumbai on daily basis at your set reporting time for which he will draw a monthly salary.

1 year membership @ Rs. 8000 plus GST . What you will get,

The driver will be recruited based on your requirement.
The driver will be verified from our side ( reference check both previous employer and social circle & document check)
The driver will be trained in soft skills from our in house training program; you can always send your driver to attend the refresher training if you wish (no extra charge).
You can replace the driver in case you are not satisfied with his service, we will replace another driver in his place at no extra charge.
In case your driver is on leave you can avail  our driver on hire in Mumbai services at discounted rates.

If you are a corporate company looking to have fleet of car drivers for your top management including expats or employees but dnt want the hassle of managing the fleet and statutory compliance then we have tailor cut solutions for you.

In this service we take the existing driver if any on our pay roll or hire a new fleet of car drivers for you, the driver recruited will be on our payroll and will be deployed at your desired location.

How it works,
We will understand you requirement & quote you a price based on agreed terms we will enter in a contract with your company which will be renewed every year upon mutual consent.

  • The car drivers quotation will consist of all the statutory components like employee provident fund(EPF), employee estate insurance corporation(ESIC), professional tax, bonus, dearness allowance(DA), basic salary etc
  • Once we deploy the driver we will generate monthly invoice with our management fee and applicable gst.
  • We will look after the payroll, hiring, training part on your behalf

This service is handle by our partner company www.edgeonservices.com