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Hire truck drivers in India

Even though the road trans­port sec­tor in India is high­ly unor­ga­nized & expen­sive as com­pared to rail and water, it is the sec­ond high­est employ­ment gen­er­a­tor after agri­cul­ture sec­tor. When you talk about road trans­port you can­not ignore the last mile con­nec­tiv­i­ty and back­bone of the indus­try and they are none oth­er than the truck dri­vers of India who are…

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Enjoy monsoon weather on busy roads with driver On Hire service

The mon­soon weath­er can prove to be a real chal­lenge for dri­vers. Once it starts to pour, traf­fic on the roads, espe­cial­ly in the cities like Mum­bai, can be com­plete­ly chaot­ic. Aside from the water-logged roads, there is also a chance that traf­fic could come to a com­plete stand-still due to blocked roads, mal­func­tion­ing sig­nals and oth­er unex­pect­ed may­hem.  Unless…

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Get a safe drive with driver on hire services in Pune.

The windy roads of Pune attract many vis­i­tors through­out the year who are look­ing for a pri­vate dri­vers on hire ser­vice in Pune to make their vis­it a lit­tle less hec­tic.  They need ded­i­cat­ed dri­vers who can take them through­out the city each day of their stay. Pune offers a safe stay and a safer dri­ve to such vis­i­tors with the dri­ver…

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Drivers On Hire Service In Pune

When you are look­ing for a dri­vers on hire ser­vice in Pune, you are not only look­ing for some­one who can mere­ly dri­ve a car and get you from one place to anoth­er, but also for some­one respon­si­ble, trust­wor­thy, capa­ble of doing the tasks you assign him, and a nice reli­able per­son. If you are look­ing for a tem­po­rary or per­ma­nent…

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